Destra World Books Publishing Announces the Release of Pastor Pauline Sutton’s new Book “There’s a Winner in You.” 3

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Pastor Pauline Sutton has been an inspiring force in person for countless people.  Her new book “There’s a Winner in You,” which collects her best essays, will help spread her message to readers worldwide.

July 29, 2019 – Florida, USA – Life can deliver many challenges and unexpected twists and turns. Few know this better – and how to best respond – than Pastor and author Pauline Sutton.  In exciting news from Destra World Books Publishing, Pastor Sutton’s new book “There’s a Winner in You” has just been released, bringing the Pastor’s own life experiences and recommendations on facing life’s struggles to her sure-to-be enthusiastic readers.

In Pastor Sutton comment in “There’s a winner in you,” she said “I hope I have the chance to help you bring it out with my new book!  Life may seem hard, but if we face it in the right way and have faith, we can get across to the other side.”

Pastor Sutton’s advice includes her inspiring thoughts, based on experience and focused on overcoming life’s obstacles, with her calls for determination and dedication, all delivered in her compelling and rapport building writing style.

Learn more about Miami Times Award Winning Pastor Pauline Sutton and order “There’s a Winner in You” at 

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