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The Miami Times Award winner Pastor Pauline Sutton has several published books. She has an uniquely distinctive way of writing that reaches the heart of readers. Her working style is glamorous which connects to readers immediately. Pauline Sutton’s work calls for determination, originality and inspiration that is bound to leave readers in awe. Her beautifully inspirational short work of fiction respond to people of all ages, all over the world.

There’s a Winner in You is her recent hot release which is a collection of short inspirational essays. This book ignites motivation and passion for all those times when we hit the rough patch and see no way out. Instead of escaping these hurdles, we should embrace them. The book preaches to maintain a positive frame of mind and is determined to keep going against all odds. Her words have a way that will inspire the winner in you. The collection of the author’s original short inspirational essays will lift up your spirit, inspire you and make your day. The paperback book is available on the website at highly affordable rates.

Pauline also writes a blog where she regularly updates about her activities and upcoming projects. Check it out too!